Thought Leadership, Good or Bad? (Podcast)

Polly Yakovich in Podcast, Strategy  

This week we talk about thought leadership - inspired by the blog post: Becoming A Thought Leader: Is It Worth The Effort?

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The Experience Matters

Josh Dougherty in Strategy  

Your customers interact with you in a myriad of ways every day. They come into your brick and mortar store (if you have one). They read a blog post you wrote. They engage with you on social media. They visit your website. They enjoy whatever you create; whether it be a meal, a product, or even[...]

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Get Closer To Your Work

Jacob Smith in architecture, Boeing, design, efficiency, Marketing, Strategy  

Earlier this year Boeing opened a new building. Well, not exactly. They built a building within a building on their Everett Campus.

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5 ways to build your business plan from the ground up

Polly Yakovich in Strategy  

We've found these 5 items to be the key components to building an effective, working business plan.  We'll even let you in on a secret - only one of these steps is really any work.  The rest are just an encouragement to actually get out there and make it happen.

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We have a problem.

Polly Yakovich in values, core, Strategy  

At A Brave New we call ourselves problem-centric.

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Measuring Success. Better.

Josh Dougherty in values, core, Strategy  

Marketing and advertising. These two words often cause winces and groans. Both from consumers and businesses.

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