An Event Apart Day 2 - Instant Recap

Jacob Smith in Web Design  

Today I feel like the dummies in this photo; poised to be destroyed by the test detonation of an atomic device. An Event Apart remains mind blowing. My overall takeaway is this: the internet changes at such a rapid pace that we could revisit just about everything we've done in the past six weeks[...]

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An Event Apart Day 1 - Instant Recap

Jacob Smith in Web Design  

As I sit in a sun-drenched corner, recharging my borderline introvert batteries, my head is swimming a bit. That's the sign of a good conference.

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Podcast: Design by Journey

Jacob Smith in Podcast, Web Design  

On this week's episode we discuss an article from Smashing Magazine: Mobile First is Just Not Good Enough: Meet Journey-Driven Design.

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Five minutes to a better website

Jacob Smith in usability, Web Design  

One of the most respected books on website usability was written by Steve Krug. It's called Don't Make Me Think.

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High Performance WordPress

Jacob Smith in Technology, Web Design  

Warning: This post is of the very geeky type. We are sharing it because we have greatly benefited from the community around WordPress and want to give back.

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Escape The Ineffective Website Redesign

Josh Dougherty in Content, Web Design  

Most business owners know their website needs a makeover. But, they don't know where to start. The options can be overwhelming. Here are a few:

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