Getting Eyes On Your Content

Josh Dougherty in Digital Media, Inbound Marketing  

"Ever had that sinking feeling? You hit the publish button and ...Nothing. Tumbleweed. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are countless ways to get eyes on your content. However, Facebook is one of the most powerful. Best thing? Promoting your content on Facebook doesn’t have to break the[...]
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4 Keys To Designing An Effective Facebook Ad

Arielle Einstein in Digital Media  

On Facebook, you have milliseconds to catch someone’s eye while they scroll through their feed. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

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Podcast: Get off Your Phone!

Jacob Smith in Marketing, Podcast  

Have you used your phone in a meeting? Have you? What if your boss 'lost it' and demanded all phones are banned in meeting. Well that happened and was reported in  this article from the Wall Street Journal. Excuse the link to a twitter status to avoid the WSJ paywall.

Listen as Josh, Jacob and[...]

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So Long, Net Neutrality

Polly Yakovich in Technology  

It was great knowing you, I really hope we meet again.

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A Content Strategy Competitive Analysis

Polly Yakovich in Content, Marketing  

It's important (and often difficult) to know what competition you're up against. A great way to give yourself a lay of the land and key in on your best points of differentiation is to do a competitive analysis. Now there are very complex competitive analysis studies that take months. You might[...]

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Do Some People Dislike You? That's Great News

Josh Dougherty in Branding  

Seth Godin wrote a post today titled "It's not for everyone." His entire point was that you're doing things right is someone says this about your work.

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UTM Parameters the Brave New Way

Jacob Smith in Technology  

If you have never heard of UTM Parameters you are not alone. If you are thinking you know all there is to know, you are equally in good company. We've put together simple, proven steps to a healthy Google Analytics setup. This post synthesizes the combined knowledge of dozens of years of[...]

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A Friday Branding Exercise

Josh Dougherty in Branding  

I'd like you to complete a short experiment at your company today. Walk around to 5-6 of your co-workers and ask them 3 simple questions:

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Breaking Down Silos

Polly Yakovich in Strategy, Inbound Marketing  

Silos. We've still got 'em.

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