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Inbound, Sales, & Picking Up The Damn Phone

Josh Dougherty in Sales  

Over the last eight weeks I’ve participated in Hubspot’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp led by Hubspot employee #6, Dan Tyre. To be honest, it’s been a bit of a struggle for me trying to juggle an hour of homework every day in the midst of running an agency, doing sales, and digging into important[...]

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Introducing Ashley Hoffman & Emily Winsauer

Polly Yakovich in News & Notes  

We're excited to share that A Brave New is growing with two talented and experienced inbound strategists: Ashley Hoffman and Emily Winsauer.

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The Value Of A Promise

Steve Brock in Branding  

One way to think about your brand is to consider it as a promise you make to your audiences, in particular your customers (if you’re a business), or your donors (if you’re a not-for-profit organization). Thinking of your brand as a promise also helps free you from relegating your brand to only[...]

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Jumpstart Your Personal Brand On Social

Josh Dougherty in Branding  

Are you a business owner, founder, or c-suite executive? We've got a massive amount of respect for who you are and what you do. Maintaining growth while keeping everything on the rails is a massive job. The weight you carry is huge. The list of todos is endless.

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Following All The Way Through

Polly Yakovich in Strategy, Sales  

In 1979, the year I was born, Steve Jobs visited Xerox Parc - the innovation arm of the Xerox Corporation - where Xerox housed the best and brightest innovators, engineers, and programmers. There Jobs saw the first personal computer and mouse in action.
"An engineer named Larry Tesler[...]
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Visual Content Is A Must, Even If You Don't Have A Designer

Josh Dougherty in Inbound Marketing  

Today's web is visual.

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5 Pillars of Homepage Content & Design

Shea Williamson in Web Design  

So you're creating a homepage. Or maybe you're updating or refreshing one. How do you make it "good?" Or—dare I say it—"great?" A great user experience (UX) requires a lot more than just great layout; it requires a thoughtful combination of things.

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The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures

Polly Yakovich in values, innovation  

Gary Pisano, professor of Business Administration at Harvard University, recently spoke on the HBR Ideacast podcast about his new article "The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures." Both the podcast episode and article are worth your time.

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How To Prioritize The Right Website Goals

Josh Dougherty in Web Design  

Website goals. You better have them if you want to drive the growth of your site forward. In fact, you better not just have goals. You need to have the right goals.

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