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So Long, Net Neutrality

Polly Yakovich in Technology  

It was great knowing you, I really hope we meet again.

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A Content Strategy Competitive Analysis

Polly Yakovich in Content, Marketing  

It's important (and often difficult) to know what competition you're up against. A great way to give yourself a lay of the land and key in on your best points of differentiation is to do a competitive analysis. Now there are very complex competitive analysis studies that take months. You might[...]

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Breaking Down Silos

Polly Yakovich in Strategy, Inbound Marketing  

Silos. We've still got 'em.

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How The Math Men Overthrew The Mad Men

Polly Yakovich in Digital Media  

It's hard to avoid talking about big data and data protections these days, with Facebook and Google continuously in the news. The New Yorker featured this excerpt from Ken Auletta's forthcoming book "Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else)," which takes us through[...]

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Google's Got Our Kids

Polly Yakovich in Technology, Digital Media  

Lately we've all been focusing on Facebook and their lock on all of our data. But it turns out that Google's got our kids.

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5 Things I Learned At Content Marketing University

Polly Yakovich in Content, Inbound Marketing  

I recently took some courses with Content Marketing University to update my skills and see what's new in the world of content marketing. Here are 5 things I learned (or re-learned):

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Podcast: On Facebook and Privacy

Polly Yakovich in Podcast, Digital Media  

Well, Facebook is still in the news with questions about the privacy of their user data and control over data leaks. Mark Zuckerberg is now being asked to testify to the EU about Facebook's data practices.

Today's breaking news is that Cambridge Analytica, the company that sparked the scandal,[...]

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When Things Don't Go Well

Polly Yakovich in values  

So far, it's been a humbling week. And it's only Tuesday.

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Insta Algorithm Change

Polly Yakovich in Digital Media  

You may have heard: Instagram is adjusting their algorithm.

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Generations: Not Really A Thing?

Polly Yakovich in Nonprofits  

If you've been around the nonprofit world for ... oh, let's say any of the last 15 years or so, you've probably heard something like this:

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