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Generations: Not Really A Thing?

Polly Yakovich in Nonprofits  

If you've been around the nonprofit world for ... oh, let's say any of the last 15 years or so, you've probably heard something like this:

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A Mindful Moment

Polly Yakovich in efficiency  

One of our clients, Vera Whole Health, has built their clinical model around values like empathy, love, and mindfulness.

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Stop Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants

Polly Yakovich in efficiency, Marketing  

MTA Martech Advisor recently published a blog post called "Stop Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants: 4 Ways To Take Control Of Marketing Work."

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Counting Down To GDPR Compliance 

Polly Yakovich in Marketing, Technology  

If you have any EU clients or customers, you're hopefully planning to accommodate the new GDPR regulations coming into effect in May. Protections for European citizen data have been in place for some time, but this May those protections extend to non-European companies that interact with[...]

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The Power Of A Single Ask

Polly Yakovich in fundraising, Nonprofits  

Last week, Donors Choose announced that they had received a major gift to fund every single classroom project currently listed on their website.

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The Marketing Seminar Round 2

Polly Yakovich in Marketing  

It's that time again.

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Focus Your Efforts & Energize Your Team With A SWOT Analysis

Polly Yakovich in Strategy  

Are you doing a lot of things, but often wondering if they're the "right" things? Is your team running in different directions, executing a strategy that you haven't revisited in a while? Are people tired, and are you wondering if there is anything you can take off their plates? Have you lost[...]

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10 Quick Tune-Ups For Your Digital Media Program This Year

Polly Yakovich in Digital Media  

Today I guest blogged over at Donlon Agency sharing 10 Quick Tune-Ups For Your Digital Media Program This Year.

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Free Nonprofit Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist

Polly Yakovich in Inbound Marketing  

It used to be so difficult to plan and execute a marketing campaign to attract new names. You had to develop creative, promote in a variety of channels, and hope that impressions lead to website visits and donations . Fingers crossed!
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The Downfall of Facebook? Part xiv ...

Polly Yakovich in Digital Media  

By now, you've likely heard the news. 

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