Drive More Leads With Your Inbound Program

Written by Josh Dougherty

Everyone knows how to execute on the tactics of an inbound marketing program conceptually. We all do things like write a blog post, do organic SEO work, post on social media, and set up automated email nurture series.

Doing all of these tactics well is more difficult. Executing on those tactics consistently is hard work.

Here's the catch though. Executing isn't enough. You need to be constantly optimizing your efforts. And that brings us to a post from the Hubspot Marketing Blog that was written last year but is still relevant today: 10 Ways to Drive Instant Results With Inbound Marketing. This post shares 10 great tactics to look at if you're already executing an inbound program, but are looking at ways to improve. Here's what they recommend:

  1. A/B Test Elements of Your Email Marketing Campaigns
  2. Implement a List Re-Engagement Campaign
  3. Identify a Long-Tail Keyword Phrase With High Search Volume
  4. Newsjack
  5. Invest in a Social Media Ad Campaign
  6. Build a Free Tool
  7. Respond to HARO
  8. Start Using Tracking Tokens
  9. Create a Blog Subscription Landing Page
  10. Create Social Media Visual Content

If you're thinking, "hey, I already do a bunch of those things," then here are 3 more tactics to consider.

  1. Distribute Valuable Content As A Press Release: Distributing a valuable piece of content as a press release will help your SEO and get your message in front of a ton of new eyes.
  2. Refocus On Your Target Audience: A lot of the time we fall into the trap of creating a ton of content and losing sight of the core needs of our audience. Take a step back and make sure each pice of content you produce answers a specific audience need.
  3. Do Some Influencer Outreach: This one is a longer play, but ultimately can be fruitful. Identify some of the key voices in your industry and cultivate a relationship with them. Over time they'll become a good source of PR.

Written by Josh Dougherty on 06.26.2018
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