Counting Down To GDPR Compliance 

Written by Polly Yakovich

If you have any EU clients or customers, you're hopefully planning to accommodate the new GDPR regulations coming into effect in May. Protections for European citizen data have been in place for some time, but this May those protections extend to non-European companies that interact with European citizen data.

From Hubspot:

"The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new EU Regulation which will replace the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (DPD) to significantly enhance the protection of the personal data of EU citizens and increase the obligations on organisations who collect or process personal data."

If you're using a CMS like Hubspot to help you manage communication, they are ready to help you. They've put together a GDPR readiness page with a checklist, and roadmap to help guide you.

The Wordpress guide allows tells you how to prepare your website, business, and data.

If you use another CMS to communicate with customers, reach out to them and see if they have any resources to help you navigate the road to compliance.

You can read the official regulation pdf for all the detail.

The deadline is May 25 and the penalties for non-compliance are stiff, so don't wait. Make a plan today.

Written by Polly Yakovich on 06.04.2018
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