The One Thing That Will Make Or Break Your Marketing

Polly Yakovich in Marketing  

Frank Cowell recently wrote a great piece on marketing momentum. There were two pieces of advice that I specifically want to highlight.

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5 Quick Campaigns For Impact

Polly Yakovich in Marketing  

If you're in between major campaigns or just feel like your program or product needs a jump start, here are some ideas for 5 quick campaigns you can implement this week.

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Podcast: Get off Your Phone!

Jacob Smith in Marketing, Podcast  

Have you used your phone in a meeting? Have you? What if your boss 'lost it' and demanded all phones are banned in meeting. Well that happened and was reported in  this article from the Wall Street Journal. Excuse the link to a twitter status to avoid the WSJ paywall.

Listen as Josh, Jacob and[...]

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A Content Strategy Competitive Analysis

Polly Yakovich in Content, Marketing  

It's important (and often difficult) to know what competition you're up against. A great way to give yourself a lay of the land and key in on your best points of differentiation is to do a competitive analysis. Now there are very complex competitive analysis studies that take months. You might[...]

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Be Unpredictable And Be Loved

Jacob Smith in Marketing  

In a recent conversation about sleep training, my sister mentioned that going in to her kids' rooms sometimes and not others is a form of random reinforcement that has can prove to be the most effective at encouraging them to cry to get your attention.

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Stop Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants

Polly Yakovich in efficiency, Marketing  

MTA Martech Advisor recently published a blog post called "Stop Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants: 4 Ways To Take Control Of Marketing Work."

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Counting Down To GDPR Compliance 

Polly Yakovich in Marketing, Technology  

If you have any EU clients or customers, you're hopefully planning to accommodate the new GDPR regulations coming into effect in May. Protections for European citizen data have been in place for some time, but this May those protections extend to non-European companies that interact with[...]

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The Marketing Seminar Round 2

Polly Yakovich in Marketing  

It's that time again.

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3 Reasons Why An eBook Will Help You Find New Customers & Clients Online

Josh Dougherty in Content, Marketing  

If you have a business you're aware of three simple facts:

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