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Introducing Ashley Hoffman & Emily Winsauer

Polly Yakovich in News & Notes  

We're excited to share that A Brave New is growing with two talented and experienced inbound strategists: Ashley Hoffman and Emily Winsauer.

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Introducing Shea Williamson

Josh Dougherty in News & Notes  

We're excited to add Shea Williamson to our team as creative director.

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Gravity Payments Partnership

Jacob Smith in News & Notes  

Most of the world found about Gravity Payments on April 14, 2015. That's the day that their CEO, Dan Price, announced to the company that the minimum wage there was going to be $70,000.

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Who Says Working With Others Can't Be Fun?

Jacob Smith in News & Notes  

Why is it important that we work well with others? This isn't grade school after all. Simply put, it's important to us because we think it's vital to our success and the success of the people we work with.

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