Will You Say Yes To Momentum?

Written by Josh Dougherty

Momentum. It's hard to achieve. It requires hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears to get started. And then, after all your effort, things start to move in the right direction.

All the sudden you're realizing your growth goals.

You're driving leads. You're making sales. You're on the cusp of breaking through to the next stage of growth for your business.

But then there's a whisper. Maybe it's your insecurity. Maybe its some of the members of your team. Either way, they have the same message:

You aren't ready for this. You don't have the right infrastructure in place. You can't sustain this growth.

Your success as a marketer depends on you listening to these important cautions enough to make sure your plan is sound. But not enough to make you stop.

Growth is about momentum. It builds over time. You'll never be quite ready for it. You'll have to pull things together as you go. But if you say yes to momentum, you'll achieve great things.

Be bold. Say yes.

Written by Josh Dougherty on 10.09.2018
Category Inbound Marketing  

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